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Are we equipping young drivers to be safe?

Perhaps we should provide better training for our young, inexperienced drivers and ensure the testing is consistent with the varying conditions that they will face day to day.

What can you get done in 15 minutes?

It’s hot news: according to Leonard Cheshire Disability, 60% of councils regularly pay 15-minute visits to disabled people and the elderly – but what can you get done in 15 minutes? Not a lot. Even making a cuppa can take up a third of that time! Imagine you are someone with a disability receiving a […]

Which wordle is David Cameron’s and which is Ed Miliband’s?

Can you spot which wordle is David Cameron’s and which is Ed Miliband’s with our Tableau visual?

UK energy prices compared to the rest of Europe

Check out how the UK’s energy prices stack up against the rest of Europe. We suddenly feel a bit sorry for our miso Croatia branch.

Just how profitable are the energy companies?

Ed Miliband appeared on BBC Radio 4 this morning, proposing that a Labour government would freeze energy prices, putting an end to their predatory overcharging, but are they really picking up excess profits? We thought we’d give the facts a quick whiz through Tableau to check them out