What can you get done in 15 minutes?

by Sam Cliff on 8th October 2013

It’s hot news: according to Leonard Cheshire Disability, 60% of councils regularly pay 15-minute visits to disabled people and the elderly – but what can you get done in 15 minutes? Not a lot. Even making a cuppa can take up a third of that time!

Imagine you are someone with a disability receiving a 15-minute visit from your carer or that you’re the carer carrying out that visit: try taking out some of these essentials using the link below to see what you’d choose between in order to get everything done in time here.

Maybe you’ll skip dinner in order to go to the toilet and have a wash? Maybe skip washing so you can squeeze a meal in?

Using the Tableau Desktop visual below, you can see that someone receiving care has to forego one of their basic daily activities or has to attempt to cram in as much as possible into their 15-minute visit..

Main 15.fw

And all of these timings are based on one of the miso team – an able-bodied male, aged 25-34, in the C1 social bracket, living in the West Midlands – so they are bare minimum measures. In reality, for someone with disabilities, some of these activities may take a lot longer.

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