What’s Your Tableau Profile?

We’ve got loads of expertise as a Tableau Partner, so we’ve pulled together all the useful stuff you need to stay ahead of the game for your organisation.

  • Consultant

    I am the only Tableau user in my organisation. I work with Tableau Desktop independently or as a consultant. Tableau for Consultants

  • SME

    I work for an SME. We have some really useful data that we want to make the most of. We often need to share our information for others to read and work together on projects. Tableau for SMEs

  • Data Rich Organisation

    We are a medium sized organisation with a heap of data to work with. There is a team of people who need to work with Tableau, share information and take it with them on the go. Tableau for Data Rich Organisations

  • Enterprise Organisation

    I’m part of an enterprise organisation. Data plays a central role in our business and we have loads of it.  We’ve got lots of people who interact with our data so it’s important to us to have a powerful Tableau set up. Tableau for Enterprise Organisations

  • Online Publisher

    I regularly need to publish data online. I am a student or a journalist or perhaps a blogger. I might even be part of a charity or working on a research project. I generally work by myself and I need brilliant data visualisations to share my story without the cost or infrastructure. Tableau for Online Publishers

Still not sure about what set up is right for you?

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