Tableau for SMEs

profile_smeYou have data that can provide real insight for your organisation. You might have a small team of people who work on analysing your data but lots of others who need to see their reports in order to make key decisions.

Our Recommendations

  • The data creators work using Tableau Desktop to construct packaged workbooks of their analysis – saving them somewhere accessible for viewers.
  • Members of the team that need to view the workbooks use Tableau Reader to open and interact with them – a cost effective way to get your team on the same page with all the facts.
  • Get your key analysts & data creators on a Tableau training course so they are up to speed on all things Tableau
  • Join us for a hands on Workshop to discover how to use Tableau effectively in your business


product_tdTableau Desktop - the individual license for BI brilliance

The revolutionary data visualisation tool. If you haven’t given it a go - download a free 14 day trial and see the magic for yourself. Find Out More | Download a Free Trial

product_trTableau Reader - for sharing

Want to share your insights with a client or colleague who doesn’t have a desktop license? They can download a free copy of Tableau Reader, open your interactive Workbook and examine, filter and sort the data. Reader is ideal for showing your dashboard handiwork to a small number of people who need to see a more in depth view than a static report - without the extra expense. Analysis and collaboration couldn't be easier. Take a look at Tableau Reader

product_ttTableau Training courses

Get to know the software inside out and back to front with Tableau Training. Cover the basics of Tableau with the Fundamentals course or build on your Tableau know how with an Advanced course. Find Out More

product_eventJoin us for a hands-on workshop or event

We regularly run Tableau events and workshops with interactive sessions, hands on Tableau challenges and group discussions to share ideas. We can even run tailored Workshops to help you tackle specific data issues in your organisation. Check out the Workshops

product_freeFree Tableau Stuff

Yes that's right - Free! At miso we always try to find the easiest way to get the best results. We go through the ins and outs of Tableau to bring you the best tips, tricks and resources for the job. Check out our free videos guides and datasets.

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