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hero_tdA Business Intelligence tool that needs no introduction (but we can’t resist) – Tableau Desktop. It’s the must have software for data visualisation with stunning graphics and fast, data crunching abilities – it’s no wonder Gartner rate it so highly.

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The Facts

Tableau Desktop is the cornerstone of your Business Intelligence set up. The software connects to nearly every data source going and lets you pull all of information you need into workbooks for you to analyse and manipulate into meaningful visualisations. The simple drag and drop system for adding data or changing how it displays means you can ask questions and get the answers in seconds. Changed your mind? A few clicks and you get what you want. Easy.

Best Bits

  • Don’t wait for results – It’s easy and fast, just drag and drop your data
  • Want to take Tableau further? Scale it through your organisation without the drawn out integration project
  • Connect to loads of different data sources from the humble excel spread sheet to cloud based ‘big data’
  • You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to drive it. No coding or complex queries – just basic Excel knowledge to get started
  • Chop and change ideas or datasets on the fly until you get what you need to know

Seeing is believing

The nice folks at Tableau have created this video for a whirlwind tour of the software giving you just a taste of the possibilities for your data – Check it out.

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