Tableau Reader

hero_tsShare your data with Tableau Reader. A free PC application that can open and view packaged workbooks created with Tableau Desktop. Goodbye static reporting – hello interactive analysis.


The Facts

Tableau Reader is a free application that enables your team or client to view packaged workbooks that are created in Tableau Desktop. They can filter, sort and explore your information, making reports really valuable compared to static graphs.

Download Tableau Reader

Best Bits

  • Simply install and go, download as many Reader copies as you need to your team’s PCs
  • View interactive dashboards and data – collaboration on projects becomes much easier.
  • Don’t be weighed down by cost – It’s free

A new way to report

Reader is ideal for when your organisation has one or two creators using Tableau Desktop that need to share their work with the team or if you are a consultant using Tableau with clients. Use Reader to view Tableau workbooks and get interactive reports that let you sort and filter the results. Gone are the days of static reporting.

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