Tableau for Enterprise

profile_largeYou’re part of a very large organisation with multiple departments and have databases brimming with all sorts of information. Many different people need to access your data sources –  each with their own needs, agendas and interactivity levels. You need a powerful BI set up with loads of flexibility to support your business.

Our Recommendations

  • Get Tableau Server on a Core Based license for maximum flexiblity in the number of users & viewers you can have
  • Create Dashboards and reports in Tableau Desktop and set them up in Tableau Server. Stakeholders then access this data securely via web browsers or the Tableau mobile app
  • Use Server to set up access levels for users – from read only to full access.
  • Need to share your data with a wider audience or customer base? Embed your dashboards on web or intranet pages.
  • Check out Tableau Training Courses – get your teams up to speed.
  • Join us for a Tableau Workshop to explore your BI needs.


product_tdTableau Desktop - the individual license for BI brilliance

The revolutionary data visualisation tool. If you haven’t given it a go - download a free 14 day trial and see the magic for yourself. Find Out More | Download a Free Trial

Tableau ServerTake Tableau to the next level with Server - Core Based Licence

When you need Business Intelligence on an enterprise scale - Tableau Server is for you. On a Core Based licence Tableau Server allows for huge numbers of users and viewers to securely your data. Whether that's via a web browser, mobile device or an embedded dashboard on a web or intranet page. Server also makes data creation much more efficient, needing less attention and eliminating issues with version control - have one up-to-date source of information that everyone works from. Find out more about Tableau Server.

product_ttTableau Training courses

Get to know the software inside out and back to front with Tableau Training. Cover the basics of Tableau with the Fundamentals course or build on your Tableau know how with an Advanced course. Find Out More

product_eventJoin us for a hands-on workshop or event

We regularly run Tableau events and workshops with interactive sessions, hands on Tableau challenges and group discussions to share ideas. We can even run tailored Workshops to help you tackle specific data issues in your organisation. Check out the Workshops

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