Just how profitable are the energy companies?

by Sam Cliff on 20th September 2013

Ed Miliband appeared on BBC Radio 4 this morning, proposing that a Labour government would freeze energy prices, putting an end to their predatory overcharging, but are they really picking up excess profits? We thought we’d give the facts a quick whiz through Tableau to check them out.


Collective profit ratio of the top 6 energy companies compared to 5 other companies 

Using Tableau Desktop‘s striking visualisations, we thought we’d see how the top 6 energy companies’ profit ratios stacked up against some of the other behemoths of business. Our trusty BI tool didn’t let us down. With its intuitive interface, we were able to upload the figures and yield the nifty bubble visual above in a matter of minutes. Still struggling to hone in on the top 6 energy companies compared to everyone else?



Okay. Finding it easier now? One lightning-fast rework and now you can see a broader picture of the kind of profits that the top 6 are bringing in compared to everyone else.

It’s not our place to give an opinion on anything a politician says; what is our place is to show you just how quickly and easily you can get from having a simple question to digging down for the answer using Tableau. All in a morning’s work.

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