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Tableau public is the perfect platform for sharing your data online. Publish and customise dashboards for maximum engagement as part of a marketing plan, awareness campaign or to illustrate your data story.

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The Facts

Tableau Public is a free platform for publishing data online. Simply build your dashboards on your PC via the Tableau Public application and upload them. All your work is saved to the Tableau Public Servers with 1GB of free space – so no need to store data locally. Show off your data story by embedding seamless, interactive visuals on your webpage or blog without the need for in-depth technical know-how. Get your online communities talking – boost engagement with your data via social media sharing links.
Check out the Tableau Public Gallery for loads of great examples.

Best Bits

  • Easy sharing – embed data on your website or blog easily and share with social media
  • No programming or specialist knowledge needed just you and your data to tell your story
  • Others can download your data and Dashboard as a Tableau packaged workbook
  • Optimised for viewing on mobile devices on the go
  • Public is a free service – just download the application to get started
  • Already using Tableau Desktop? You can publish workbooks straight to the Tableau Public site without any other applications


Ideal for online data creators

Tableau Public is available to all but it’s especially useful for

  • Public Sector information departments
  • Marketing professionals
  • Journalists
  • Bloggers
  • Charity or awareness campaigners
  • Students & Teachers
  • Researchers


Go Premium

Tableau Public also comes in a Premium edition which works well for very large datasets. Limits on storage capacity are Premium also lets you control what underlying data can be seen and downloaded by your readers. Premium is great for bigger organisations publishing lots of data regularly.

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