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Hello, we’re miso…

Tableau Partner

As part of the Dotted Eyes group we draw on the experience of having used data visualisation in top tier consultancy since the dawn of time (well, 20 years…). But then we came across Tableau – and it blew our socks off. We were amazed by the ease, speed and sophistication of the software – so much so, we partnered with Tableau so that we could share this powerful tool and its many benefits with you.

Us in a nutshell:

On paper, we’re an online portal that sells maps, mapping software and data services. But in reality, we’re a bunch of innovative people that strive to make people’s lives easier. If you like what you see checkout the other neat stuff we can do at misoportal.com

Chat to us about Tableau - we're a friendly bunch.

You can call us on 0121 232 8000 or email us at info@misoportal.com